District Policies

Accessibility Policy

This procedure is solely for reporting and addressing a user’s difficulties accessing a school website managed by Stride, our online curriculum, or our Internet-based enrollment services (collectively, “Stride Website”), that result from the user’s disability.

Stride, Inc. is committed to providing an online educational experience that is accessible to all of its students, teachers, learning coaches, and others regardless of the user’s disabilities to satisfy the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Stride strives to conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA (“Guidelines”) of the Web Accessibility Initiative, which have been adopted by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, to provide equitable access to our web sites, courses and resources and presents this procedure to resolve problems that may occur. This Resolution Procedure sets forth our step-by-step approach to address the issues that may arise and which inevitability will vary by the type of disability and the technology available to address your issue.   While members of the public in general may experience web accessibility problems, priority in addressing issues will be given to issues encountered by Stride students, their parents/guardians, their learning coaches, Stride teachers and by persons interested in enrolling in a Stride managed school. 


If a user experiences an issue using the Stride website related to the user’s disability, the user should complete the form at the bottom of this procedure.  Information in the form will be submitted to Stride’s Accessibility Manager who will acknowledge receipt of the information within approximately two business days after receipt.

Upon acknowledging receipt and after receiving requested information necessary to identify the issue, the Accessibility Manager will initiate an investigation into the issues detailed on the form to try to determine the nature of the problem.

Upon completing the initial assessment, the Accessibility Manager will develop a written plan for further investigation, if necessary, and remediation. The investigation and remediation plan may be developed in consultation with one or more third parties.

Approximately ten business days after initiating an investigation into the reported issue, the Accessibility Manager will submit a proposed solution to the user who reported the issue with an explanation of next steps and, where applicable, a timeline for the implementation of the proposed remediation. There are some web accessibility problems for which there is not yet either a feasible technological solution or an assistive technology alternative (for example, a text version for a complex image, graph or chart that contains pertinent information for a person who is visually impaired). In such situations the Accessibility Manager will seek to develop an alternative solution to address the user’s particular disability   Also, in the event that the Guidelines are insufficient to address a particular disability or impose an undue burden due to the nature of the content, Stride will provide a remediation solution in a suitable alternative format (e.g., electronic text file or audio description) or manner where necessary.

The Accessibility Manager will monitor the implementation of the proposed remediation. If an issue arises delaying the implementation, the Accessibility Manager will communicate a revised timeline to the user.