Student Success Programs

Parent Involvement in Online School

We know balancing the demands of school life, home responsibilities, and jobs is challenging. That’s why at Insight School of Oklahoma (ISOK) we partner with students and their families, and strongly encourage parents to be involved in their child’s learning. 

We do our part at ISOK by making it easier to plan coursework so school can fit into your family’s real-world schedule, which may include non-school activities such as part-time work, sports, volunteer activities, or family needs. 

But we also encourage students to develop responsibility for their academic progress. That means there are assignments with due dates and deadlines. While some of what we do is more flexible, as in the times and places students can do their work, we also make sure parents, teachers, and counselors are involved to help students progress through their coursework in a timely manner.

Whether a student is doing well or struggling to catch up, we’ve seen how parental involvement is key to academic success. Supporting your student’s studies, keeping informed of their progress, and encouraging them to stay on top of their work means so much to their future opportunities. 

To help you support your student, ISOK provides: