Student Success Programs

Individualized Learning Plan

The entire planning process for a post-high school career, whether that includes college or not, is especially critical for a student who has experienced challenges in the past. We help Insight School of Oklahoma (ISOK) students plan for a future they can attain and feel good about, which helps motivate them in their current studies.

All students complete an ILP in Naviance. Developed in partnership with you, your student, and ISOK staff, it establishes a strategy to help make the right choices for your student and includes:

  • Course plans
  • Academic strengths and challenges
  • Personal interests 
  • College and career aspirations

This ILP is part of the ICAP graduation requirement set by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. For more information, please visit the link below.

What is ICAP?

At ISOK, we use research-based and norm referenced evaluation methods to clearly identify and monitor where each student is academically. Participation in all state and benchmark assessments is a condition of continued enrollment at ISOK.

  • Each student takes benchmark tests at the beginning of the year to diagnose strengths and challenges.
  • We include state testing with a focus on fine-tuning exactly what each student needs.
  • We develop realistic learning objectives and a comprehensive, customized plan to reach goals. 
  • Ongoing testing is administered, as needed, to ensure each student is making progress against goals—enabling teachers and parents to know how much progress a student is actually making.

Teachers work with tools in the online school platform to make sure lesson plans are based on student needs and to see the progress the student has made to date. Parents and students can use the planning and progress tools to organize their schedule, create flexibility when needed, and track completed work. These easy-to-use features give you the real-time information you want and the structure students need. 

Test completion is recorded as a grade in their courses. The grade for this assessment will appear as a course assignment weighted the same as a Unit Test or Comprehensive Exam (whichever is higher).

  • Students who score at any proficiency level and demonstrate acceptable growth will receive a 100%;
  • Students who score Advanced or Proficient but do not show growth will receive 80%,
  • Students who score Basic or Below Basic but do not demonstrate growth will receive a 60%; and
  • Students who fail to complete the assessment will receive a 0%. 

HS students who score Proficient and Advanced on End of Year assessments will have the option to use STAR as a CBE for course credit in English and/or Math up to their current grade level.